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Install drivers manually or windows update

Hi guys, I've a question for you, I've notice that Windows Update, after just installing the OS, gives you some optional updates, and those updates are the drivers for your devices, and it seems that if an update for that drivers goes out, Windows will let you know so if you want to download it you can do so...
Now my question is, Is it better to go to the manufacturers website and download the latest driver manually or is it just the same to let windows search for it automatically and download them when there is an update?...

If you can give me some reasons it would be great,
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  1. Usually the windows updates have drivers that lag behind the manufacturers driver releases on their website.

    I would reccomend going to the manufacturers website or the latest drivers.
  2. manufacturers website have always up to date drivers that can not be said about windows update
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    Don't use the windows update drivers for your hardware unless you are using older hardware. For example on my 3 year old gateway laptop that gateway doesn't support anymore Windows update has gotten the most updated drivers as they haven't been updated in two years. For a brand new motherboard in my friends system you need to download the drivers straight from the manufacturer as they will easily have the most up to date drivers. Also when it comes to graphics card drivers for Nvida or AMD ALWAYS download the drivers from there respective websites as those are constantly updated even for cards that are 3 or more years old
  4. Download and install drivers from manufacturer's website..
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