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OpenGL nvidia vs amd

Okay i ran Cinebench R11 64bit on my pc thats in the sig and got a 59.3 fps in the open gl test and its a hd radeon 6770, and I ran the same program and test on a friends 1090t with a 670 gtx and his 670 gtx on multiple tests run at 38.75 fps. Any reason for a $100 gpu scoring better than a new $400 one?
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  1. Because Cinebench sucks. It utilizes 33% of my GPU and 100% of my CPU. It's by no way a GPU benchmark.

    BTW I'm rocking i5-2500k @ 4.3 GHz, so it's not bottleneck either.
  2. opengl is slightly more optimized for amd related graphics. an example would be

    Anandtech's test on minecraft, an opengl title, where the igpu on trinity had a extremely large lead against the gt 640
  3. okay i got 75% use on gpu which i understand why u think its a bad gpu test, so would my friends 1090t @ stock be bottlenecking his asus dcII non top 670 gtx? whats a good gpu benchmark program?
  4. Well, because it's Cinebench!

    My GTX 550ti scores higher than my GTX 560ti 448 cores!
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    Nvidia and AMD tend to not optimize OpenGL for their gaming graphics cards. They only optimize specific profiles are particular games being released using an OpenGL engine (John Carmack engines, for example). They save the optimized OpenGL drivers for their professional cards.
  6. Alright ill still rub it in my friends face his $400 670gtx loses to mine lol
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