HIS Radeon 7870 ICEQ Turbo

So i know this card is pretty big (11.25 in)
im wondering if it will fit inside the 210source elite?
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  1. it will but you will have to put your hardrives on the bottom hard drive bays. your case has 230mm(about 9 inches) video card clearance with hard drive in the way if you move your hard drives to the bottom bays it has 330mm(about 13 inches). here is the website for your case that has all the specs on it you can see the vga card clearance in the specs
  2. Thanks, i looked at the website but didnt quite understand what it meant...
    so the smaller bays are for the hard drives so i put my harddrive somewhere where
    it wont interfere with the card and then it will fit correct?
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