GTX 660 Issues

I just bought the EVGA GTX 660 SC as an upgrade to a 550 I had. The issues are that I can't really seem to get good FPS on any game whatsoever, sometimes even worse than the fps of my GTX550. In GW2 for example, the card peaks at around 40 fps on LOW. I got to thinking if it was a bottleneck on my CPU causing things (its an I3-2100 and also got 8gb ram). If this isn't the issue I was wondering if you guys got any?

Thanks all!
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  1. Drivers?

    As well, what are the other system specs?
  2. Sorry about that,
    running Nvidia 306.23 (newest)
    600w psu
    windows 8 release preview 64-bit
    120 intel sdd
    2 tb western digital hd
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