660ti 3gb or 7950 3gb

Aiming to play three monitors (BF3). Trying to decide between:

EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti SC+ 3GB GDDR5, 980Mhz 3GB GDDR5, 6008Mhz - $350 CAD


Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7950 Chipset (900Mhz) 3GB GDDR5 (5000Mhz) - $300 CAD

Will be running in sli/crossfire.

Benchmarks seem to favor AMD and I would like to save the $100, but I am hesitant to try a non-nvidia card. As well, I heard that the Kepler chips were supposed to be the cat's backside. Could also go 660ti with 2gb for $300.
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  1. the 660ti with 3GB actually benchmarks less fps than the 2GB version because its 192 bit interface creates a sort of latency between the card and the data. Think of it like this, it's like a sports car that can't utilize all of it's horse power because it's wheels are too small. On the other hand, the HD 7950 3GB has a 384 bit interface which means it can access all the data/shaders/cores literally twice as fast as the 660ti which is why the HD7950 is one of the best cards for the money that's currently on the market. Hope that helps, I wouldn't recommend the 660ti but if you're hell bent on getting it save yourself a little money and get the 2GB version because it really does get 3-5 fps better on almost every game compared to the 3GB version
  2. don't buy 660tis, basically any other high end card is a better buy.
  3. 7950 gets my vote ! Why?Keep in mind this is over a month old review and amd has lower price allot Quote: "As it stands, AMD’s position correctly reflects their performance; the GTX 660 Ti is a solid and relatively consistent 10-15% faster than the 7870, while the 7950 is anywhere between a bit faster to a bit slower depending on what benchmarks you favor. Of course when talking about the 7950 the “anything but equal” maxim still applies here, if not more so than with the GTX 670. The GTX 660 Ti is anywhere 50% ahead of the 7950 and 25% behind it, and everywhere in between. Coupled with the tight pricing between all of these cards, this makes it very hard to make any kind of meaningful recommendation here for potential buyers. Compared to the 7870 the GTX 660 Ti is a solid buy if you can spare the extra $20, though it’s not going to be a massive difference. The performance difference is going to be just enough that AMD is going to need to trim prices a bit more to secure the 7870’s position.

    On the other hand due to the constant flip-flopping of the GTX 660 Ti and 7950 on our benchmarks there is no sure-fire recommendation to hand down there. If we had to pick something, on a pure performance-per-dollar basis the 7950 looks good both now and in the future; in particular we suspect it’s going to weather newer games better than the GTX 660 Ti and its relatively narrow memory bus. But the moment efficiency and power consumption start being important the GTX 660 Ti is unrivaled, and this is a position that is only going to improve in the future when 7950B cards start replacing 7950 cards. For reasons like that there are a couple of niches one card or another serves particularly well, such as overclocking with the 7950, but ultimately unless you have a specific need either card will serve you well enough."
  4. Thanks for the feedback.

    7950 is clearly the better choice. Looking again at reviews etc, I might consider going to a gtx 670, as well.

    MSI N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC Nvidia GTX 670 Chipset (965Mhz) 2048MB DDR5 (3004Mhz) GDDR5 Dual DVI/HDMI/Display Port PCI-Express 3.0 Graphics Card - $350 CAD

    EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW LE 2048MB GDDR5 (02G-P4-2676-KR) nVidia GeForce GTX 670 Chipset (1019Mhz) 2048MB GDDR5 (6008Mhz) Dual Display 2x DVI-I/HDMI/Display Port PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card - $390 CAD

    Seems like there are a million or so gtx670 cards - what should be be looking for?
  5. +1 for gtx 670

    btw the hd 7950 will be a good choice when compared to the gtx 660ti:)


    the gtx 660ti is comparable to the hd 7870:)


    if i have to choose between hd 7870 and gtx 660ti i will be choosing the 7870:)

    btw go for an hd 7950 or gtx 670 and be happy dont think of getting 660ti goodluck:)
  6. Thanks everyone. I discarded the 660ti from consideration, leaving the gtx 670 and 7950

    At the end of the day, I chose to go with two 7950's. The reason: I saw a lot of debate about which was better the gtx 670 and 7950 - although it seemed to be the "better" card might be the gtx 670 - it seemed close. So I decided to save $160 ($80 per card) and go with the 7950.

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