Why no improvement? with upgrade?

I'm trying to play guild war 2, sorry i couldn't post this on their website for errors and problems. My question is why isn't there any improvement on my pc? I upgrade alot of my components just to play GW2, but i'm still getting very little frame rate like 8-12 only???
Before upgrade my Spec
Model Aspire 1100
2 gig ram
AMD Athlon 2324 64x2 2.1gig dual core CPU
nvidia 9500 gt
Window 7 32 bit
I was running 8-12 on everything lowest setting
My New Upgrade
4 gig rams
AMD Athlon 64x2 5200 2.7 gig dual core CPU
Nvidia GTX 460 1 gig ram
When I log in auto setting was change and set on high and medium but i was only getting 8-10 fps????i change everything to lowest and it was still 10-15 fps??? any help???
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  1. have you tried to install new drivers?
  2. your cpu is basically borderlands minimal requirements and gw2 really doesn't run well on a low end cpu.
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    CPU bottleneck?

    Don't go by the minimum system requirements unless you like slow performance frame by frame animation style game play.

    See the effect of CPU Clock and CPU Core/Thread Scaling on GW2 here:,3268-7.html

    Your CPU would rank well below any of the CPUs you see in that review.
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  5. thx for help, i sorta already knew it was my processor/ motherboard i really need to get a new motherboard for icore5 and icore7 CPU
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