I need help getting a picture from a radeon sapphire 7770

im in the process of buiding a new comp, i have everything installed properly and the computer runs fine. i just cant seem to get an image via hdmi or vga. everytime i try either of them, i get a "no signal" indicator im my monitor. I'm pretty sure that my graphics card is compatible with my motherboard but its possible i made a mistake. my motherboard is a GA-990FXA-UD3. if anyone could help me out i would greatly appreciate it!!!
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  1. Double check that the graphics card is plugged in all the way - I've seen them be not fully in more times than I can count, because it takes more force to put it in than a lot of people think. (Don't forget to raise the tab on the PCI slot if it has one!)
  2. Make sure on your motherboard the video output is set to pci-express and not internal or something, Also make sure your motherboard can even detect the card. Worst case scenario your windows install should default to vga drivers and output a low resolution until drivers are installed and if it doesn't do this you may have a bad card.

    How are you currently getting an image, through the vga on the board?
  3. thers not image at all. tried both of the pci express slots that fit my graphics card. i also seem to be having a problem with the power is switched to 115v from the 230v on the back of the case. when its setting is at 115v, my computer seems to rev up a lil bit and slow back down. i believe it might be a pwr supply issue. my pwr supply is at 500w and i know my graphics card requires 450.
  4. anyway it would be possible for me to send you a video of what im dealing with?
  5. check that you used the mb brass stand offs..if you did not you ground out the mb to the case. no power supply is going to start with a dead short. also on most my there two power plugs a 24 pin atx and a 4/8 plug near the cpu. make sure you have the 4/8 pin power plug connected.if it a 8 pin dont use the blue 6 by 2 cable there should be a 8 pin cable or two 4 pin cables to make a 8 pin cable up.
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