Radeon 6870 - output to TV? (HDMI not an option!)


Simple question. I have an HDTV, but it's a lot older, and only has component inputs, not HDMI.

I have a Radeon 6870, and I would very much like to run a cable to my television.

I used to do this with my old 8800GT, but that had a VIVO port. My concern is that natively, the graphics card isn't going to convert a signal that can be passed through component cables into the TV. Is this correct?

What are my options? What do YOU do?

I would also consider something along the lines of a Roku - but I want to see my entire desktop, not just stream specific files.

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  1. There are video cards with component outputs, but they, erm, kinda suck.

    Does the HDTV have a VGA input? A LOT of the old TVs, and most of the newer low-end ones have VGA.
  2. their might be a dvi or hdmi or minidisplay port adapter or something
  3. Two DVI and two HDMI ports on the video card... that's it.

    The TV unfortunately does not have VGA. Just component/composite and S-video.
  4. you will need a breakout box
  5. Breakout box?
  6. You may get something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815158130 but it's kinda expensive. Try to get DVI to component adapter from your local stores because they are discontinued in online stores. If you get that box thingy you can get audio through HDMI so you won't need another adapter for audio again because the TV uses Left and Right (White and Red) cables. Err, I saw you said that HDMI is not an option but there's option-less if you can't find the adapter from your local stores.

    Reminder: You will need another adapter for audio if you uses the DVI to component adapter.
  7. Just to make sure I have understand what you need.

    PC has 6850 card with HDMI/DVI
    TV has Component(3 RCA cables + Audio)

    If so read on....

    I would watch out for the cable adapter options as you need to have a card that can pass analog over HDMI, I do not think the 6XXX cards do that.

    kelvin08113 is on the path, You need an active(powered) adapter to convert the digital signal from HDMI to the analog Component(3 RCA) + L-Audio + R-Audio.

    The problem is that the linked adapter goes backwards. Component to HDMI

    Something like this

    HDMI In to Component + Audio out, BUT i have never used this adapter and can not comment on its quality.
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