Need a new desktop for home use

im not in a rush to buy it

ive never built a computer before so im afraid to build one and screw it up

i mostly use my desktop for downloading /achiving music and editing home videos(short videos) with vegas

i looked at dell's XPS8500 but somehow ended here and want advice

my budget is 500-800
i dont do much gaming at all so not worried about gaming but would like nice resolution

i have a monitor wireless mouse/keyboard already
and would like 1TB because im a DJ and will most likely copy all of my music to it just as back up

thanks in advance :hello:
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  1. A general use PC on this kind of budget is fairly easy to do. Might want to buy this fairly soon as there are massive sales happening right now.
    Guessing from the resolution comment you are also getting a monitor.

    Monitor: ASUS VS248H-P Black 24". $160 ($20 rebate)

    CPU: AMD A10-5800k. $130

    Mobo: AsRock FM2A75 Pro4. $80

    RAM: G.Skill 4GB (2x2GB) 1600Mhz CL9. $25

    PSU: XFX Pro 450W, 80+ Bronze. $53 ($10 rebate)

    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM. $80

    Case: Zalman Z9+. $50 ($15 rebate)

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 8 64bit. $100

    Total (Before rebates): $678
    That leaves a fair bit of headroom if you wanted an SSD, more RAM or a 6670 to crossfire with the iGPU.
  2. Thanks for the reply but youre throwing a lot of terms out there that i dont even know the meanin of?!?? Lol
    That being said is there a system prebuilt that would suit my needs ? I was looking at xps8500 what do u think of that or idk you guys know more but honestly like i said before im scared to build it myself cuz i simply dont know how :(
  3. Building your own machine is fairly simple, just watch some build guides online and if you have an older (preferably dead) PC, try practicing on that.

    NCIX Build Guide.

    Newegg TV build guide part 2 (part 3 is about installing Windows and drivers, worth watching).

    If your confused about anything I mentioned above, just ask. Thats what these forums are for.

    On getting a pre-built system, chances are you could get one. But at a higher cost than building your own, wont be as optimized for what you want and will likely be of low quality parts with no real upgrade path. By building your own, you can make sure it will do what you want, has quality components and its an amazing experience learning too and building your own.
  4. Thank you i appreciate it a lot!
    I will start looking into it
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