Will my PSU run a 8800gt

I can't find out what my other Desktops MoBo or PSU is...It's a HP Pavilion a800n here are the specs

It doesn't state the Power supply nor the wattage! :(
Will I be able to run the 8800gt?
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  1. You should check it out yourself. :)

    Open the case and look at the PSU.

    Make sure you unplug it first and "empty" the power inside by Unplug > Pushing POwer button many times.
  2. What do you mean Empty the power inside so forth? Will I have to detach all the wires?:\
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    Nope. Just the cables that you use to connect to the wall to get electricity or you use to power up the PC. (Unplug PC from socket)

    After it's unplugged, just push the ON switch a few times. Sometimes, there's still electricity inside the PSU.
  4. He means you should unplug your power supply from the wall, and then press your computers' power button a couple times to make sure there's no harmful electricity still in the computer when you open it.

    *EDIT* Oops, didn't see your second post there, Mr. Beans.
  5. Hey, it's ok :)! You gave a better explanation than I did.
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  7. Thanks for the info guys, I'll try this later today and see, as I can't do it because of the time lol.

    Wooops! Misleading title:o! I meant a 9800gt
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