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Hi folks.

I noticed a weird issue on my new HTPC powered by AMD A6-3500 that comes with ATI Radeon 6530 HD AGU which connected to my flat TV via HDMI cable.
sometimes a black screen follows Win7 professional 64bit restart and only a hard power off - power on gets me out of this situation.

I suspect this is related to CCC.
I'm running Catalyst 12.8

I encountered a fix which may resolve me problem as well but I currently at work so I can not test it out:

Go to the following key in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\video{####....}\0000

Create a new DWORD:

"DigitalHDTVDefaultUnderscan" = dword 0x0000

Do you think that may resolve my annoying problem?

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  1. This fix is related to Windows not keeping overscan settings at 0% and giving black borders on the monitor. Your issue seems different. You should test your system with a different and better-quality HDMI cable.

    When you restart your computer, the monitor first goes into sleep mode and then power-on mode. Maybe the signal is too weak to wake the monitor up upon restart. Therefore, changing to a better quality cable might help.

    You should also check if your monitor is auto-switching to a different input, i.e. DVI or VGA input, without your consent.
  2. I've already have high quality HDMI cable.
    when the screen goes black and I can see that the TV detected a 720p input but nothing shows on screen beside this.

    This is why I'm suspecting the video drivers.
  3. If you suspect video drivers version 12.8, then uninstall them and run your system on Windows own video drivers. Start and restart your system several times to make certain that Windows own drivers do not give you the same symptoms as AMD drivers.

    You may also try previous AMD drivers. Ex. CCC 12.6.
  4. Still here, Do you recommend me updating to the latest Catalyst driver (13.4) ?
    I'm currently running 12.8 and still got black screen after restart via XBMC.
  5. Me, too. Black screen after reboot, before windows 7 64bit loading. I've AMD HD 6410D graphics with FULL HD HDMI 1.4 Cable. Any ideas?
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