All this for $550?

ASUS P6x58D-E Motherboard
Intel Core i7 930 -- 2.80Ghz Processor
24 GB DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 Patriot G-Series PGS324G1600ELKH
XFX Nvidia GeForce 7900GTX (512MB DDR3 -- DUAL DVI)
WD1500 Hard Drive 150GB 10K RPM
Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM
Antec 650 watt PSU
Antec Case

any thoughts? seems a lil over the top for a home computer but i might be missing something. Will it need any replacement parts to remain functional long-term? thanks for the help :)
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  1. Omg no.

    That is crap.

    What do you plan to use the computer for?

    Where are you from? US? Philippines? Malaysia? UK?


    I can make you a better one for $550
  2. No, is this used on ebay? some of that hardware is several years old. I would pass. New hardware, faster hardware, can be bought for the same price.
  3. there might be $300 of used parts there. and that's being kind. the key being used, and you don't know how hard. HD's don't last forever.... are they 3-4 years old now ? the video card is a long gone joke and near useless for anything after COD2. Don't know what all that ram was for but it's pretty much overkill and the processor still has use but it's still old. PS...... older they get...... I wouldn't buy it.

    If it comes with the operating disc ( a real disc ) offer $200. or walk away. No operating system don't touch it.
  4. That's used used used.
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    Yeah, wouldnt bother with that system. The CPU is about 3rs old and the graphics card quite a bit older.
    To put that in context, a modern Core i3 (3220) will outperform that old i7.
    The card is so old that there isnt even the option to compare to modern cards, but even budget cards from last gen will outperform it by quite a bit.

    Plus the issues raised about how used it is, HDD's and PSU's dont age well. The only thing I would consider salvaging would be the RAM and case (depending on model and condition), but you would have to get the whole thing for $100 for it to be worth it.
  6. Thanks so much everyone for saving me my money :)

    I'm basically trying to purchase a high-performance computer that will

    1- last a long time with little repair and
    here's another i'm considering....

    any thoguhts?
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  8. Same CPU as before with a mid-range graphics card from last gen. With a RAIDMAX Power Supply no less (very bad manufacturer).

    What kind of performance are you after? If its just a home computer as you described in the OP you can build yourself a basic computer that will be fine for office applications and such quite easily.
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