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i recently got a new harddrive and have been having some problems with it. I've made sure to click DMA in device manager etc. but my computer continously lags whenever i try to do anything. Like even load webpages and just open applications, is this the harddrive that is doing it or a problem with the board or anything else. If it is important i had my cpu oc'd for about a year and i just took it down to stock to see if that would help, it didnt. :( if anyone knows that would be great, thanks.
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  1. system specs.
    also, try UNCHECKING dma, maybe your board cant do that?


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  2. This is kinda basic, but under settings/control panel/system/performance/file system...make sure you make your computer's typical role a network server, and the read ahead option is set to full.

    Also, if you have set your power saving options so that your hard drive turns off after a couple of hours, there will be a lag when you execute a task using the hard drive. You can set the hard drive option so that it is always on.

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  3. i just made my computer a network server and put it to a full read and then i changed the settings on the hard disk so it wouldnt ever shutdown and im still having the lag problems. Could it be my ram? i mean if it was being weird then this might be the problem, what do you think?
  4. I wouldn't think it's the ram if you just swaped in a new HD. It has to be related to the new HD.

    Need more details on your setup. What are the specs and manufacturer of the new HD? What was the old HD? Are you also using the old HD? Did you do a fresh install of Windows on the new HD? What is your Mother Board? Have you checked the BIOS settings for the HD? Have you tried running a diagnostic program from the HD manufacturer (you might simply have a faulty drive)?

    That's all I can think of at the moment...

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