Hd 7750 on 420w

my pc specs

core 2 duo e6550
4gb ram

i have 18a on 12v rail
420w psu

so can i run it

or hd 6670
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  1. 7750 does not require external power, so you should have no problem what so ever to run it
  2. 18Amps on the 12V rail?19A is advised. Try 6450 what is the brand of your psu i need more information on that before saying yes or no.
  3. all i know is it came with my cooler master case
    a 6450 will be no upgrade since i have 8600gt now
    need it to play black ops 2 thats why
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    Well i wouldn't risk it but a 7750 is your best bet because a 6670 actually draws more power so my recommendation is it's better to be safe than sorry buy a new power supply first. If not go ahead and do it at your own risk it might work choice is yours of course good luck!
  5. ok i willl get new powersupply with 2 12v rails at 18a each is that enough for hd 7770 or gtx 560, gtx 460, hd 4870 x2
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  7. Sounds good and thanks for best answer hopefully you'll be gaming and enjoying your new card very soon good luck! :hello:
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