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Hi, i was plannng on adding a gt 640(dedicated for physx) to this already assembled rig

i5 3570k
ripjaws 2x4 gb cl9 1600mhz
wd caviar blue
generic odd
msi z77 g45
deep cool killer whale
msi gtx 670 oc ed
psu is seasonic mi2ii 620w

my problem is with the power supply, can the 620w power supply support the rig if i add a gt 640?
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  1. Yes, 620W is plenty for that setup.

    Though I question whether getting a GT640 for a PhysX card is a good move. A low end PhysX card can drag down performance compared to just letting the main card to the work.
  2. So, would it be better adding another 670 rather than getting a 640* being the dedicated physx card? ... also, would the 620 w suffice for the 2 cards?
  3. Without doubt it will be better to have another 670 to SLI, but then why not do that in the first place?
    Was just saying that you have to get a decently powerful PhysX card so it doesnt bottleneck the main GPU (estimate a card like the 650ti or 560ti). I personally dont see the point of having a dedicated PhysX card outright, too few games use it to really be a concern IMO.

    Depends if the PSU in question has all the connectors you need. You should be able to run two cards off a 620W, but you will be running the PSU quite hard.
  4. Basically what man of chalk said.

    The 670 can handle that alone.
  5. alrighty, thanks guys. problem now is that psu only has 2x 6-pin connectors and I heard converters sucks, might as well swtich to anther psu. anyways, thanks.
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