$600 Build

Building for a friend. $600 budget. Plays mostly MMOs and some fps games. Would like to play Guildwars 2 on as high a setting as possible (playable)

Hows this look

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  1. The link does not work my friend :/
  2. No, that PSU is crap and will likely fail and take the system with it. Get and antec, xfx, seasonic, or corsair PSU.
  3. I figured. I swapped it out...any places to cut to keep it under $600?
  4. this ram is on sale today

    EDIT: check this out, you might find some good deals http://www.newegg.com/Cyber-Monday-Deals-Sales/PromotionStore/ID-58
    also, you may shop in amazon, bestbuy...etc for deals. compare the reviews and normal price somewhere else, I've found most of them are bull$h*t
  5. If you want a good quality PSU you will have to drop to a 7850.
  6. Hows it looking?
  7. hows what looking?
  8. the build link is updated.
  9. 430 watts isnt enough?
  10. It might be but the PSU I posted is just as high quality and it gives you a bit more headroom. The 7870 says that it has a minimum PSU requirement of 500w
  11. Ah didnt see that, good catch. Updated.
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