GTX 670 coil whine


I recently heard a electrical buzzing, almost as sparks where coming out from my graphics card. I´m runing SLI and the sound appears when the fan on the first card goes over 53 % or anything over 2800 RPM. It´s very annoying and I don´t know if it also is dangerous?

What should I do? Return the card to the place I bought it since it´s only a month old, or is it some way to fix it?

My setup:
I7 3770K
Corsair HX 850
2x Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 670
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  1. yeah you have a bad card. mine is just fine. ask for a RMA
  2. TheBigTroll said:
    yeah you have a bad card. mine is just fine. ask for a RMA

    Ok thanks for the reply! I just sent a request to chagne it, hopefully I´ll have a new one in a few weeks :)
  3. you still have one so you can still game
  4. TheBigTroll said:
    you still have one so you can still game

    True, that is one of the reasons SLI is amazing :P
  5. Don't buy cards that use ferrite shielded inductors as they always buzz and short out. The ones that are surface mounted are always the ones that go bad and the coil wire inside is of a low gauge so it can't handle high and sustained current so they often get very hot. The vibration is from the charge and discharge is from the coil every time the main caps discharge their current through the coils. Mechanical loads from the vibration and the heat cause the thin varnish that is the insulation to slowly fail and allow the current into the ferrite core and shell resulting in more heat. So as they age they become weak until the wire shorts out breaking the circuit so no or very little current can pass from the vrm phase. With each coil that fails the pace of which the other coils speeds up. Eventually artifacts and usually unexplained crashes start coming more and more often.

    The easy way to fixing the problem is to replace the inductors with a different type. For some cards one can do a double choke/inductor mod where an extra coil is added to each phase which improves overclocking stability. For this card R22 is rating of the inductors but solid core R30 should work just fine.
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