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hey guys, one of my friend is using hd 4650.... My god. He is running bf3 on medium-high settings ......Skyrim, Max Payne 3 on MAX !!!!!. I got a deal of XFX 4650 1gb DDR 2 only for 32euros!!!! SHOULD I BUY IT?? AND WILL IT WORK ON MY DDR3 Motherboard??

My SPECS: Core i3 3.3 gHz
RAM : 4 gb DDR3
MB: Intel DH61ww
HDD : 500 GB

Friend Specs:

Core 2 Duo 3.1 gHz

RAM: 4gb

MB: Not Sure....but ddr2

HDD: 250 gb

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  1. The 4650 is pretty outdated, and won't run any DirectX 11 Applications. I would recommend the HD 5670 or the HD 6670, they cost around 5-7$ more (4 euros?) compared to the HD 4650, but perform around 40% better.

    But anyway, back to your question :
    I am pretty sure you are confusing the Motherboard's RAM DDR and the Graphic Card's VRAM GDDR.
    The Motherboard's RAM has Nothing to do with the Video Card.

    In this case, you have to be sure there is a PCI-E x16 Slot on your Motherboard, and by looking at its picture, I assume it has one.

    The last thing you have to check is that you have at least a 300-350W Power Supply.

    -Hope it helps! :)
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