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my family just made a huge jump in technology that being Saudi we've had a wireless router and multiple 6 or 7 devices using it and since we asked the new 6 devices we have not had a problem until today all computers laptops I phones and TouchPad were working perfectly fine with the WiFi router and suddenly DNS server errors across the board as I'm not computer illiterate I manually changed all the primary and secondary DNS in the settings and it works fine once again that being said is there a reason my hole houses DNS failed??? Also for touchpad users everything my touchpad automatically locates my router it changes the DNS numbers on me and I again have to manually enter it. So pretty much why did my DNS fail and how can I shut off the auto WiFi detection on my touchpad thank you guys in advance for ur help
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  1. DNS settings should be coming from the modem to the router. Check what they are set to in the router on the WAN port. You should be able to set an IP address manually on the touchpad for the wireless connection, how you do that depends on the OS it uses.

    If you have a wirelss router attached to a regular router, make sure the second router is not setup to be a DHCP server but only to pass though the first Router's connection.
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