Resenty more and more (now all) of my pictures(.jpg) have dissapeard. Windows just renames them & puts a .vbs in front of them (ex: aa.jpg -> aa.jpg.vbs) & they become 11.8kB large & renaming them dose NOT help.

Are they lost FOREVER ???
Can i recover them ???
How can i prevent this ???
Is it win2000 or the harddisc ???

(my *.mp3 files get that way too but the original dont get delited. I just get a copy *.mp3.vbs in the same catalog)

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  1. Odd.
    I´m not sure but isn´t VBS a Visual basic extension?, do you have it installed?
    If so, maybe VB renamed the JPEG´s.
    Otherwise, I think it´s "just" a matter of removing the VBS extension from the files, then it should work as normal.

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  2. sounds like a virus to me.. im sure you know what to do next ;)

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  3. do you have antivirus software?
    maybe it is the antivirus software renaming files to keep them from opening if they are infected...
    or...maybe it is just a virus...renaming the files.
    you can go to <A HREF="http://housecall.antivirus.com/" target="_new">http://housecall.antivirus.com/</A> and scan your computer for viruses...and i think that it might be able to clean the files if they are repairable.
    this is an odd problem...


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