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Can sme1 help me? my video card is 32mb.From past 1 Month i have been not able to play any games.Even though some games work they are freezing which makes me to end the program with task manager. :cry: I tried reinstalling

System Info:

Video card - SiS Mirage Graphics v 3.63a (32 mb Display driver not found)
OS- Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
Processor- Intel pentium 4 CPU 2.93GHZ
Mother board - Unknown (we changed the mother board recently)
Drivers- Every driver updated
Ram -2gb
Space-500 gb

it is very weak.My old motherboard was much,much better (128MB graphic) (model-Intel desktop board - D101Ggc) (essential series) it had no problem except it had 512 MB ram,and 80 GB hard disk.We upgraded from my moms friend who knows about comps.He upgraded it to 2GB ram & 500 GB hard disk.Then the holder of the prosessor (or sme othr problem) was there.Then he exchanged this motherboard with the new 1 (which was dirtier than the old 1) :fou: I think It had ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset. I am trin to run games like Max payne 2,Ghost recon advanced warfare Gta sanandreas,crash day,nfs MW.this much.Then it is also showing mother board unknown too.These were woking in intel essential series.Plz say a Graphic card/motherboard which is best & less than 5000 INR :o
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  1. i see you got a dinosaur there. good luck playing modern game titles with a single core p4
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    Yeah, I hate to say it but the answer is entire system. Not motherboard or video card. The entire thing is old and needs to be updated.

    Do you have an AGP slot on the board? A new video card will help but you still have bad system for recent games.
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