Msi GTx 660 ti OC being bottlenecked by my CPu?

SO i have the new MSI GTX 660 Ti OC PE edition card and a amid athalon II x4 640 3.0 GHZ processor and while in bf3 on ultra i get 35 to 59 fps. and it keeps going up and down. does this mean my CPU is bottle-necking my gpu?
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  1. bf3 is very CPU oriented especially when you play MP. Try unlocking the cores on your CPU
    that should help a little.
  2. how do i unlock the cores to my CPU?
  3. Well if your motherboard supports it firs of all...Let me know what make/model of motherboard you have...then we can perhaps help you
  4. You already have 4 cores so there are none to unlock. Overclocking on the other hand could be very worthwhile. You really need a better CPU though.
  5. If you can fish up $100 give or take a little you can get a decent Phenom 2 x4 and sometimes a 960T will pop up with a chance to unlock two extra cores.
  6. so basically my cpu is bottle necking my gpu. i get 50% to 65% gpu usage in bf3.
  7. BigMack70 said:
    Yup that's the classic sign of a CPU bottleneck. What resolution are you playing at?

  8. should i go with intel then instead of amd? if so which one do you recoommend adn what mother board do you recommend.
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  10. BigMack70 said:
    Well if you have a motherboard that supports Phenom II CPUs, you can just get one of those and be OK.

    If you want to upgrade your mobo + CPU, then you definitely want Intel. Get a decent z77 board for $100-150 and pair it with a core i5-3550k. That's a ~$350 upgrade, though.

    it's okay i have the money so can you show me a good mother board?
  11. but it should be good for ym GPU right? i can play bf3 and guild wars 2 at higher and stable fps?
  12. sir bigmack thanks for all the info man. ill buy these on my next pay check and be off to a new gaming life. lol.
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