Best radeon 7950?

ive decided on a 7950 over a 660ti so what would be the best 7950, i was looking at the gigabyte one but the msi one looks good to. if i have the extra money or it goes on sale i will be getting a gtx 670 instead but for now i dont have any extra so what would be the best 7950 as far as performance and cooling(i want to overclock it)
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  1. I am big on 7950's due to there expansion capacity and pricing so to say I have gone through just about every 7950 possible.

    The best 7950 is the VaporX from Sapphire which has a mean 3rd party design cooler that may appeal to those that love edgy and aggressive looks but I personally find it comical.

    I recommend the MSI TwinFrozr III OC card, it is moderately clocked with lots of head way to overclock futher, at stock you look around 80FPS on Heaven 3.0 with 4AA and 4AF, high tessellation at 1080 res, that is a strong showing.

    Gigabyte have nice cards but like the standard Sapphire cards have a blue PCB which is rather aesthetically ugly. Overall though on price and aesthetics the MSI TwinFrozr III is perfect, looks good on every motherboard, has a fantastic cooling solution as well.
  2. I've got the MSI card, personally. Great card, not bad on the noise level, either.
  3. would the msi or sapphire perform better?
  4. Its the hugest card I have ever seen, trust me when I say pictures are decieving, it is a monster, also check your motherboard PCI-e spacing, that card can turn a 2 way into a single card setup because of its profile. Personally its not the best performing and is to much of a hog.
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