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Hey all,

I've just bought an HP Pavilion p6110uk from a friend, which is a moderately outdated pc, with an abysmal Radeon 4350, and a Phenom x4 9650.
I'm also considering buying a GTX 560 Ti from a friend for around £80-ish which also requires me to buy a new PSU, from an OEM 300W Hp one with a +12v 19Amp rating.

For a PSU upgrade, I was looking at Corsair's CX500/600's which meet requirement.
The thing I'm worried mostly about though, is spacing, inside the case there is a lot of room, it's not a tiny pc, but OEM's aren't exactly made for upgrading :P
The Radeon 4350 currently installed looks incredibly small, and I'm not quite sure a new GPU or PSU would fit.

The other option I was considering, would be to not upgrade the PSU, but just instead buy an R 7750, for obvious reasons. Although the OEM PSU has 19A on the +12v, which is only just borderline sufficient.

I know the former is the more powerful option, but what would you guys recommend in terms of PSU upgrades, and CPU bottlenecks (I don't think there should be any there).
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  1. hello
    i would not be worried with the physical dimensions of power supplies as they have standarts on how big they are and how they mount on the back of your case..the only difference would be the bigger wattage power supplies tend to be longer so i dont think that should be a problem

    also since your HP is an OEM computer you should look into >>proprietary power supplies <<and not "branded" ones because they are meant for computer builds and not big company systems (dell, hp, compaq you get the idea). The power supplies might look the same with identical connectors but the wiring on the connectors are different
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