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I am wanting to upgrade my home pc from a 4 gig, dual core/win xp unit to something faster with more ram and throw in Win 7 to boot. I have changed out everything in computers from video cards to modems (yes I'm old) to network get the idea. However, I have NEVER changed out anything to do with the motherboard and processors and I'm a bit concerned that possibly I will get the wrong processor to go with the mobo.

I'm a casual gamer, mostly World of Warcraft and some FPS games thrown in there. Right now my frame rates run about 20 with low/medium settings and an Nvidia GeForce 620 in there.

Frankly, my budget it slim.

Here is what I picked:

Thanks in advance and if you guys have any advice, I'm way willing to listen to it.
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    If your case is a full size atx, then the new board should work fine. You can go for a less expensive board if you like and leave some for a video card upgrade later.

    I have the same cpu/ mobo/ ram and I love it. The board is a bit lacking in the newest features but it gets the job done well. This ill open the budget up so in a bit you can add a 7770 and play most games on medium/ high settings.
  3. This is what I decided to go with. The whole motherboard thing just has me...I feel uneducated on it even after all my research. But after much research...I think this is the build.

    Thanks for your answers! You guys ROCK!!
  4. This isn't the whole build right?
  5. No I'm just replacing 5 year old parts. PSU and GPU have already been replaced.
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