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I have a CD-ROM Pioneer DVD-113 and it worked fine! I tried to install a TDK CD-RW and the software really hosed my system. I removed BOTH CD-ROM's and the accompanying software. I have now reinstalled the DVD-113. My computer shows it fine and I can read files from CD's A-O.K. However, I cannot play music. I reinstalled the software for my AWE-64 Sound Card and it also works. When i try to use the WIN98 CD-Player or AWE's CD player it does not play the music. THE WIN cd-player says "Data or no Disk Loaded" yet the *.cda files are there. What Have I failed to reinstall? The WIN CD-Player works on files on my harddisk.
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  1. uh check the cdrom-soundcard audio cable? though for me that didnt do the 'data or no cd' message, played but with no sound. worth a try tho.

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  2. Sound works fine from the CD. If I put in the WIN98 CD and play the demos pics and sound come thru fine. When I put in a music CD the CD player shows up on the bottom but I cannot get any of the tracks to play. THe WIN Player just says "No Disk Loaded" yet, it obviously recognizes the disk is in the player since it automatically starts the CD player.

    WWhat am I missing in my system?
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