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I've had my custom built computer for awhile now. Recently the computer has been running fine but every once in awhile a clicking or buzzing comes on. It sounds pretty constant that's why it seems more like a buzz than a click. Whenever I touch the side of my computer, it seems to stop. I don't understand how that can be fixing the buzz. All my fans are free from dust and the computer is clean. The hard drive is not broken and and the computer seems to be running great. Any suggestions?
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    Sounds to me like a fan. Since you are pushing on the case and it is stopping you should look at the case fans. Might need to replace one.
  2. Do you guys think it could possibly be a grounding problem. Maybe something with the screws?
  3. I checked the fans and i doesn't seem to be coming from them.
  4. I don't see how a grounding problem would cause a buzzing noise that goes away when you touch the case. Something is probably vibrating. Is the hdd mounted well?
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