Gigabyte HD 6950 OC With 450W PSU

Specs :

Cooler Master GX Bronze 450W
AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE (@3.4GHz stock)
Asrock M3N78D AM3
Western Digital 1TB Sata II HDD
Maxtor 350GB Sata II HDD
2X4GB DDR3 @ 1333, 7-7-7-28

Found a 6950 going for cheap, and I'm thinking about nabbing it. Problem is that I've only got one 6+2pin PCI-e cable. I have only one spare molex (All others are used by fans), and I have only one sata power cable free (Though it has two free power connectors on that one cable). Can't find a "Molex + Sata to PCI-e 6+2pin" adapter anywhere.

The 6950 is going for £125.

Picture :

Anyone know whether or not I can even run that on my PSU? And if I can, whether I can find a molex+sata to pci-e adapter?

I live in the UK, so no new-egg thingies.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Also, I forgot to add that I have a SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro soundcard as well.
  2. recommended for a HD 6950 is 600W and minimum 450W unless its a really good quality psu. honestly i don't like cooler master psus i suggest just getting a stronger one they don't cost much.
  3. Yeah-no. I'm not looking for a PSU. Just saw a bargain, and was wondering whether or not I should take advantage of it.

    Thanks anyway, though.
  4. sounds great but why not go for a HD 7850 £150, but for the 6950 oc I would go for a 550w to stay on the clear side of things, a psu is something you shouldn't cut corners on as it powers your whole system :)
  5. Eh. As far as I know, 6950 > 7850.

    Doesn't matter now, however. Someone else nabbed it.
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