CPU or Motherboard Issue?

asus p86z8 v-le mobo
i7 2600 cpu
cool power 880w psu
4gb corsair ddr3 ram
windows 7 64-bit ult
(let me know if you need any other info)

Roughly a year or so ago I finally got the parts to get this computer up and running but within the first month I began having issues with random restarts. During that first month it happened only once or twice. *side note* custom built, all new parts (at least initially) ha.

After about six months the frequency of these restarts really picked up. I could count on it happening at least once or twice a week. That is when I started troubleshooting the issue...

Fast forward to today and the computer begins restarting anywhere from 10 minutes after I've booted up to 5hrs later.

As far as I can tell this restart issue is generally intermittent (i.e. if I just leave the computer on and let it sit for 24hrs, it will USUALLY restart). However, if I hop on and start messing around with any sort of game or other application the restart typically occurs sooner.

Steps I've taken:
-Updated and running latest drivers for all hardware
-Replaced PSU with known good
-Replaced HDD with known good
-Swapped in known good RAM sticks, alternating between different slots and configurations (1 stick, sometimes 2) and let the computer run for 24hrs with each new configuration
-Tried different settings in the bios, thinking maybe some oddball CPU power setting was causing the issue

Whenever the computer restarts it typically just cuts off, screen goes blank for a few seconds, and then it powers right back up. No blue screen or error message of any sort, no beeps, no odd smells or sounds...

That is until yesterday when I tried re-seating the cpu. I boot it up, of course it restarts after about 10 mins, but THIS time, it gave me an error message on the desktop that looks something like this...

BCCode: 1A
BCP: 5100
BCP2: FFFFF6FC50012d80
BCP3: (long string of zero's followed by) 015
BCP4: (long string of zero's followed by) f900

Then it said the error was related to this file:

Am I missing anything, any other steps I should first take? I'm about ready to replace the mobo but I figured I'd ask you guys first and see. It seems to me at this point it has to either be the CPU or mobo... what're your thoughts?
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  1. it sounds like your cpu's overheating... check if the cpu cooler's fans are still working all the time or intermittently....
  2. Well, the power supply you have does not sound like a very solid unit. What one did you try with it?

    Also, make sure nothing is overheating as said above.
  3. Thanks for the prompt response fellas...

    The power supply I'm currently using is new (just came in about a week ago), but no matter which PSU I have installed (old or new) the restarts still occur.

    As for the CPU over heating, I've tried two different coolers as well. I've monitored both with the case open... the fans seem to be in good shape, running at the proper speeds and not shutting on or off.

    My worst fear is that the CPU was bad from the start... it came with this issue that was in fact minor to begin with but now that I've waited so long it's slowly getting worse.

    Just to double check I'll try and get it running for a solid couple of hours and see how the temperatures hold up.

    *EDIT*: More often than not, when I try and login to windows it'll restart. For example, I get to the login screen, type in my password... and when I hit 'enter' it restarts, as in the screen will go black for a split second (like it normally does as it's transitioning to the desktop) but it will instead restart. I'd say that occurs about 1 out of every 4 or 5 times I attempt to login.

    If I do manage to make it to the desktop I'm usually fine for a couple of hours before it restarts again.

    If there's any other information you could use that would be helpful just let me know.
  4. Have you tried overclocking your processor? Maybe a clear of the CMOS would do you good.
  5. Deemo13 said:
    Have you tried overclocking your processor? Maybe a clear of the CMOS would do you good.

    I have never overclocked it, at least not that I'm aware of (those asus motherboards throw me for a loop sometimes). Are you suggesting I try and overclock it to see if the issue corrects itself?

    As for the temperatures, I have been running a temp test and all four cores have held steady at 26C for 3hrs without a hiccup... I'm just going to let it keep running and see how long it is before it restarts again.

    I'm not exactly sure if I've cleared the CMOS before... what's the easiest way to go about that?
  6. Take out the watch-like battery for a few minutes and put it back in. You can also look for the CMOS jumper, but I can never find mine, so I just take out the battery.
  7. Hm...

    So after reading some of the other "is it my motherboard or cpu" posts (sorry guys, If I had known there were so many I wouldn't have posted yet another), it looks like I'm going to have to replace either one or both of them to solve the issue.

    I'll let everyone know what ends up happening, hopefully it'll be helpful to some of the other people here experiencing the same issue.

    *Update: 12/04/12* New mobo (ASRock p75 pro3) came in today... installed it... not so much as a hiccup since. I'll post back here in a few weeks with another performance update.
  8. *Sigh*

    So after two days of running without a single issue... the computer randomly restarted today.

    Does this means it's the CPU? That's the only component I haven't replaced at this point. I don't have an extra lga1155 chip laying around.

    I guess I could order some cheap ram and swap that in just to be sure?
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