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What graphic card/cards should I get if I want to run battle field 3 on 3 screens full HD. My set up right now is:
z77 sabertooth motherbaord
32 gb ram 1600
i7 3.5 ivy bridge (trubo to 3.9)
1300 watt power supply
480 gig ssd
Last thing is the graphics card
MUST BE nvidia CARD!!!!
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  1. you'd want 2 670s if you want good frame rates on 3 monitors.
  2. Should I get the 2gb 670 gtx or the 4gb 670 gtx and how do 2 stand up to one 690?
  3. The 2gb should be fine, the 2 670s are going to be cheaper and offer about the same performance as the 690.
  4. what would be the performance difference between of the 2 gig vs the 4 gig 670s
  5. 0. the 4 gb cards are pretty much pointless. Even with 3 monitors.


    results will of 3 monitor will be comparable to 1600p, the 4gb 680s show no performance increase compared to the 2gb models. Pretty much going to be the same for 670s.
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