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I have a XFS GeForce 9800GT 512mb and i am looking to see if it is compatable with my Gatewat DX4870 motherboard. I put it in at the start and when i plugged in the monitor it could not get a signal from the computer. As soon as I took it out it worked fine. It has a built in intel Graphics. Do i have to get a different video card or am i doing something wrong?
14gb ram 3x4 1x2 Bought the computer a week ago. has PCL express 16.0
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  1. your computer is old........

    did you even install the drivers for the video card?
  2. I bought my computer a week ago so it is brand new... the video card is very old. And where would i get the driver for the GeForce 9800gt?
  3. you should have built your own. now you got in your hands a bad (or very underpowered power supply)

    did you plug in any power cables to the card (if it requires any)

    and drivers can be found here
  4. I have no plugs into the card. I will buy a new powersuply if i really need to not that hard to replace it and thanks for the link! I am not trying to run a lot i had an extra video card laying around just wanted to throw it in bc anything is better than built in graphics
  5. no problem.
  6. Do i have to plug directly into the Video Card?
  7. if the video card needs more power plugs, of course you need to plug in the cables.

    as for the monitor yes
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