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Hi all, new to Toms Hardware. i have a question.

My system spec is...

i7 2700k OC too 4.5ghz

Asus P8P67 Pro B Rev 3.1

16gb G-skill Sniper DDR3 1.25v

XFX Black Edition 7970 1000mhz core 5700mhz mem clock factory OC

Corsair TX750 Enthusiasts 80+ PSU

Corsair H80 Processor cooler

Corsair Force 3 SSD 120gb

WD caviar green 2tb HD

WD caviar blue 640gb HD

Seagate Barracuda 1tb HD

Aerocool V12XT touch screen fan controller

Pioneer DVD Writer drive

3 200mm led fans and one 230mm fan in a coolermaster HAF X case

2 blue cathodes

Raser deathstalker ultimate keyboard

Raser Black Mamba 2012 edition mouse

Gioteck EX-05 Gaming headset

Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller

Im upgrading my system early next year to asus extreme v, corsair neutron ssd 240gb, i7 3770k and 16gb corsair dominator platinum 2133mhz ram and ocz 1200w psu 80+ but im getting another xfx black edition 7970 to crossfire at the end of next week.

my question is, will my psu at the moment power the system i have under load for gaming?

Any advice appreciated.
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    Technically speaking, yes, your 750W power supply should be capable to power both your 7970's. Most of your components seem to be somewhat power friendly.

    I am unsure however if your power draw is higher than expected due to the overclocking, but I estimate you have at least ~100W clearance after the 2nd GPU, which is way more than OC'ing the CPU & RAM could do.
  2. Yeah 750 W should suffice for XFire.
  3. thanks allot, your putting my mind at ease lol
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