GTX 560ti 448 vs. Radeon 7850

I've recently decided that I was getting the 7850 BUT then I saw that the GTX 560ti 448 was the same price.

Which one is better and why? I have a small resolution of 1440x900 so vram isn't a problem.
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    I have the 560ti 448 on 1080p and it runs great.

    However, prices being the same, I'd probably go for the 7850. The performance is very similar between the two, but the 7850 has newer tech with lower power consumption, less heat etc.

    Of course some games favour nvidia and others favour amd, but on your resolution, both will run all current games on high or ultra anyways.
  2. ^+1 both are good for your resolution but the 7850 is newer and consumes less power
  3. I'd say go with the 7850 due to the lower power consumption. It also will have more availability if you ever want 2 of them for crossfire in the future.
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  5. If you overclock, then the 7850 can get an advantage because of its higher headroom and the 7850 also has higher MSAA efficiency which can help considerably at such a low resolution, but otherwise, I'd agree with the above consensus.
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