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Hey I am looking to build a computer for the first time, and I have researched a little into which parts I should choose, I have come up with a partial build for a gaming computer/music editing computer. ---> <---
I haven't been able to figure out which motherboard to use, I am pretty confused with all the different features and options. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for any other parts please feel free to let me know! Thank you so much for the help!
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  1. first of all are you overclocking?. if not id get something totally different

    id get this build
  2. Can I recommend getting a waster digital hard drive? Much better quality.
    The big troll, that is a great rig. But why the expensive cooler?
  3. generally id stick with a seagate but the WD is the same price and has more warranty so why not?
  4. I will be overclocking for my gaming, but I was wondering if I should invest into the i7 rather than the i5 for editing? I have read that multithreading can help editing go more quickly and smoothly, but I don't know if benefits outweigh the extra cash
  5. yes you should but are you doing at least 3hrs of that stuff a day? if not, it probably isnt needed for most people
  6. hey. found a i7 2600k for 249.99. could help you out with workloads
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