Whats the best gtx 670

i was going to get the msi power edition but since they were caught overvolting their cards im looking for a different card.i will be overclocking it and i dont want it to get to hot, im buying from ncix so anything available from their i will look at.
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  1. I can vouch for the EVGA FTW 2GB. I have had it since June and have not had any issues. While I left it at the factory overclock, I put on some custom fan settings so that the card never even gets to 70C. So it obviously has some good OC potential as far as temperature goes.

    Runs every game I throw at it on ultra, full AA, 1080p, at 60fps. I even use it for surround gaming and will run most games pretty well at 1080x5760. I can play BF3 on medium to high settings at that res and get 60fps.

    Overall it is a great card, and from the reviews that I read, is one of the least likely cards to malfunction.
  2. I have the EVGA 670 SC 4GB in SLI running at 5760x1080 and I just love them. I can play every game I come across in Ultra settings in surround. I also modified the fan controller so that my card never goes above 70C and left the factory overclock. I'll always stick with EVGA. I've never had a problem with any card of theirs.
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