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Hi im considering buying a new gpu and need some advice my budget is R1300. I have 5 to choose from:

kfa2 gtx 550ti R1169
Gigabyte hd 7750 OC R1082
gigabyte hd 7770 OC R1253

Il be playing new games(battlefield 3,crysis 2,Hitman Absolution ens.) at 1280x720 with high settings and my older games(hitman blood money,splintecell conviction,assassins creed 2) at 1920x1080 with high settings if possible. Im bying my card at

My pc specs:
cpu: core i3 540
mobo: foxconn h55mxv
ram: 6 gig
Psu: Thermaltake 450watt 80+
monitor: samsung syncmaster B2230 23"
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  1. A tie between the 550ti and the 7770, though I don't know anything about the "KFA2" brand.
  2. if your psu has the right connector, I would suggest the HD 7770.
  3. +1 the 7770 is the best and worth the extra money
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    the 550ti and the 7750 performs about the same the 7770 is 30% faster than that.

    I would recommend the 7770 definitely.

  5. is there any performence impact running the hd 7770 on pci 2.0 rather than pci 3.0
  6. and will my psu be able to handle the gpu
  7. no difference on pcie 2.0

    and the psu shouldn't be a problem.
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