Help checking components

Hey everyone,

Im building a pc, mainly to be used for gaming but for college work too.

These are the components i chose:

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 610e (already bought)
Motherboard: Gigabyte AM3+970A-D3
GPU: EVGA nVidia GTX550 ti
Monitor: Asus VE247H
RAM: G Skill Ripjaw 8gb (2x4gb)
Case: Coolermaster Elite 430
HDD: WD caviar blue 500Gb
PSU: OCZ Fatal1ty series 550w

with windows 7

Are these all compatible? I think they are but I'm not 100% sure

Any help and/or suggestions would be great

Thanks Guys
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  1. why the heck would you buy a chip that is 3 generations old? why??? i would instantly return it for something much better like a pentium g630 which can actually game

    if you cant return it, get this
  2. Probably because I'm a complete noob at building a pc? haha
  3. not a excuse. there are so many smart people on the forums that help noobs
  4. Thats why I'm posting here, the reason the CPU has already been bought is because someone bought it for me
  5. anyone else have suggestions?
  6. Get a new cpu
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