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Hey guys,

Are Nvidia or AMD GPU's better?? I am going to be purchasing a new gaming pc pretty soon. What is the best GPU for under $130? This is strictly just for gaming! I will be playing FPS and MMO's. My CPU is the Intel i3-3220 Ivy Bridge.

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  1. The whole "AMD vs Nvidia" question is far too broad and is frankly not answerable.

    As for the best GPU under $130, that's probably the HD 7770. It's a very solid budget GPU. Nvidia doesn't have any good deals under the $150 mark right now in comparison.
  2. That depends on the situation. Anyone who says that either side is always better is full of ***. Basically, BigMack70 is completely accurate. If you want to wait a few days to a few weeks, Nvidia is launching a new $150 card soon and it might best the Radeon 7770, but if you must buy now, the 7770s are nearly guaranteed to be the best option.
  3. Ok thanks guys! I really appreciate the advice!
  4. You're welcome.
  5. I have been with AMD/ATI for quite some time and really like them. Really anymore you can't go wrong with ether one anymore. They all have there good and bad points. That said I have not had any problems with my Sapphire HD 6950 or Sapphire HD 7950 rigs. I have a Nvidia 560ti rig that has a problem with the graphics drivers crashing quite a lot but that does not mean they are bad I could have just got a bad one.

    As for drivers I can say that I have not had any problems with AMD/ATI for a very long time. I think the AMD/ATI 7770 would work very well for your needs.
  6. I have an Intel i5-750 currently using a GTS450 that I have a hunch died on me tonight. 7770 would be a good upgrade for this? When it comes to hardware, I can install it, but I don't have the knowledge on what is good and what is not. I've never used ATI but if it would save me money I'm all for it
  7. What bigmack 70 said is totally true..... this question can never be answered
    BUT when it comes to low budgets........ i've mostly seen amd cards as they have good performance/price ratio

    I've never used nvidia cards..... as they are too expensive in my country.... so can't really talk about them But i didn't had a problem with amd cards ever.......
    7770 is the choice.....

    But i'd recommend saving some money and buy a 6870
  8. I disagree that the 7750 is the best in low budget... the 7770 is like $10-15 more expensive but 25% faster.

    The 7770 is about 50% faster than the GTS 450 at 1080p. However, the 6870 is almost twice as fast as the GTS 450. If you can extend your budget to $145-155 where the 6870 is currently sitting, it would probably be worth a look.

    Here's the performance comparison:
  9. The reference-clocked 6870s really don't beat the best 7770s by much, if at all and if you can stretch the budget that much, then going up to a 7850 is the better idea.
  10. Quote:
    HD 7750 is best in low budget

    Quite not true. The 7770 is much better (some say newest driver boost it's performance to touch the 6850 performance) but with a little price difference. If you're telling that 'the 7750 is the best for low budgets and limited power supply' then that's quite true.

    Personally I would wait for the 650 Ti. Who knows that this card is going to be a beast for its price? Or Feel free to try to get a 1GB 7850. With MIR I saw one for like $160.

    EDIT: corrected mistakes...
  11. ?? The 6870 beats the 7770 by over 30% overall... I'd say that's beating the 7770 by "much".
  12. BigMack70 said:
    ?? The 6870 beats the 7770 by over 30% overall... I'd say that's beating the 7770 by "much".

    I clearly stated best 7770, not reference 7770. The best models are factory overclocked to be more than 20% faster than reference 7770. That cuts the reference clocked 6870's advantage down to minimal.
  13. +1 for hd 6870 :D
  14. Oops didn't realize you were talking about OC'd 7770s
  15. BigMack70 said:
    Oops didn't realize you were talking about OC'd 7770s

    Yeah, a card such as this:
    has been shown to be right up there with the 6870 even with older drivers, so I have no doubt that it can compete with the 6870 excellently with current drivers.
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