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I have a newegg preferred account. and I bought my case separately from my build because they did not have it in nj but they had it in Ca. The computer case went through smoothly and I will have it on wednesday. But I bought the rest of my computer parts on the same day same time. and everytime it says that my order is put on hold. naturally I void it and tried to do the purchase again. I did this about 8 times and I still can't buy the parts to my computer. I am very frustrated. upon the 9th time trying to do this it won't even give me the comfirmation email (9th time doing this was today on cyber monday does this have anything to do with that?). If you have any experience with this and have a way of fixing this may you please tell me how you went upon fixing this problem? also I kinda want to use the preferred account.
p.s. thank you in advanced
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  1. you are supposed to be on hold. its black friday. traffic is jammed up on every site you have

    anyways what are you buying? i can help you out with the components
  2. I have my build its :

    yeah but i mean i was able to buy my case without any problems, but when I tried to buy my other parts it just put me on hold- purchase declined.
  3. p.s. would this wait make me lose the deals if it goes passed the date that the computer part was set to end.
    p.s.s. I will buy everything from newegg
  4. performs a tad less but is a lot better

    performance difference between a 7870 and a 7950 is totally not worth 100 dollars. you can easily overclock your 7870 to 7950 levels

    cheaper but just as good SSD

    better cooler

    better CPU

    just as good of a motherboard

    cheaper and not overkilled power supply

    and much cheaper ram
  5. i dont see any point of buying anything from newegg. they dont have the best customer service and they definitly dont have price matching

    the build is mainly newegg and us.ncix. us.ncix is where i always shop at and they have free shipping for the states. and most importantly they dont have replies to questions that sound like a robot
  6. I've been buying almost exclusively from Newegg for about nine or ten years, with Amazon thrown in a few times. I never knew there was any place better than newegg. I'll check out us.ncix.
  7. lol ummmm where to start...
    I wanted the 7950 cause I wanted it to be as good or better than the gtx 660ti
    ummm i trust intel ssds more.
    the motherboard I picked out has z77 which i like cause it is said to oc things easier.
    the ram I am intending to get more of.
    I do like the cpu though... that was my first choice before but it was out of stock before and now it isn't.
    I need decent wattage cause might go crossfire later.

    my main problem is why I can't buy my freaken computer parts
  8. its not as good as the 660ti but if you are going to spend 100 dollars to achieve that extra 5-8% more performance, its not worth it

    mine is z77 too bro

    650w is enough for crossfire. 750w is going onto the overkill section
  9. really what if I end up crossfiring a gtx 680 cause I will be upgrading in 2-3 years
  10. and I want to give my old parts to my brother
  11. dude i dont want to buy from ncix cause if I use my newegg preferred account I will have time to pay it off.
  12. so you are to pay way more for the same item? hmm

    you could just buy the items at ncix now and then get the rest whenever you want at newegg.

    the customer service reps might even help you figure something out. they are legendary
  13. for ncix ???
    i feel like newegg is more well known. because one of the first things I learned when building a computer was to buy from newegg
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