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Anyone know why the ASUS TOP cards have been discontinued and when they will come back?
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  1. Discontinued from where? What specific model? What GPU platform?

    I still see them on

    For current generation GPU cards look for ASUS models that have DC2T or DCT in their model name.

    For previous generation cards look for the word TOP in the model name.
  2. I know, I guess I mean the 670 and 660 ti and 660s. I am specifically looking for the 670 Top but it has been discontinued/unavailable for a while now.
  3. There's not enough stock in the supply chain to meet the demand.

    There are vendors still accepting customer orders for them. They're most likely placed on a waiting list and the orders get filled as the stock trickles in.
  4. Newegg usually puts stuff like that in the Out of Stock listing. Like this 7970 Vapor X

    But the Asus 670 TOP has been listed as discontinued since August or maybe earlier.
  5. It seems that they had a lot of QA problems with them.
  6. I'm assuming from a business perspective, it would be best to just cut loses and discontinue the product rather than spend more money on R&D to tweak, fix,and re-release the 670 TOP
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