Want Blu-Ray..

I have a HP Media Center M1090N PC 3.6 Ghz 4GB Ram DDR, Running Windows 7 32bit, 1TB HDD new PSU 500W

Currently It Runs a PCI EXPRESS 1.0 X16 - ATI Radeon X600 PRO Card 256MB. looking to upgrade it to a card that has a DVI & HDMI out. and that can handle Dual display and Blu-Rays.. (will add the bluray player later) I use it as A HTPC..

Whats a good+ Card i can upgrade too. Doing a lot of reading.. i Know PCIe 2.0 is backwards comp to 1.0. so a 2.0 card is good.. maybe hopeing for 1GB mem in it..

The cards and specs are overwhelming. Any advice.?

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  1. Almost all modern cards will handle the bluray part.

    Do you want to game too?

    If not you can by with very little, but personally i like to have a bit more power because it allows you to use video enhancements(sharpening/deblocking ect) if you want to. It also prevents/reduces slow downs when playing media and doing other things.

    AMD 7750 would be at the higher end of a media only system(you can get by with less, for example, even a 4350/4550 will do it, but once you get 2 screens and all that it would choke quite bad), but would even allow you to play games and uses very little power
  2. Nuke...

    My kid does a little Gaming.. Usually limited to whatever my current system can handle (not much at the moment). So something that can handle both. The Dual Screen is usually for the PC side of it.. will look into the 7750..
    Im not trying to have the best (as i know my system cant handle it) But would like a nice rig to show off..
  3. For Blu-Ray and moderate gaming, I'd recommend going with an HD6670. Certainly more than enough for Blu-Ray and will still provide decent gaming capabilities.

    Something along the lines of: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102988

    -Wolf sends
  4. Thanks Folf Shadow..

    Looks like my PC is built on a Micro ATX tower.. 4 expansion slots.. 1 PCIe 3 PCI's all of which are occupied.. So a Dual slot card probably wont fit.sigh. Take a look..

  5. I'd ask what cards are installed in the PCI slots? Your motherboard has both network and audio capabilities native, so add-on cards for those are not necessary and I pray you're not still using a modem for dial-up internet.

    Even so, though I'm not a fan of minimal cooling, there are some single slot HD6670 cards, like this PowerColor AX6670

    -Wolf sends
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