How to set up the verison router for two ps3s

Hello, I have an ongoing issue that i can not figure out. I have verizon fios 35/35 and i am told i have to run there modem/router combo for the tv ge to workroperly. I have two ps3's hard wierd to the provided router, and one laptop running wirelessly. The problem is this: when the two ps3's are playing call of duty at the same time, whichever ps3 that was turned on first shows it has an open NAT type and whichever ps3 is turned on second shows a moderate NAT type (this makes them unable to play together online). I am familiar with prot forwarding but not sure if i can do this for two seperate ps3's. So i hard wired a second router to the old router and ran everything out of the new one. Only now they are both a moderate NAT type. Ive played around with the UPnP settings, but dont really know what else i can do. Please help if you have any ideas.
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  1. Disable DHCP on both playstations and assign them IP addresses. For example:

    PS3(A) assign
    PS3(B) assign

    In the router setup the range as a DMZ. That should clear the NAT issues and allow both to play fine. If you need the other info when manually entering the address grab the info from your laptop. If that doesn't work just setup port forwarding for both using those IP addresses.

    I use 1.100 just so DHCP doesnt cause problems later.
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