Multiple monitor (5) 3D setup

Hi guys: I have been reading for weeks now about trying to do multiple monitor setup (5)...
I have a pair of MSI 7970 OC, but they only have 2 displayports on them and I talked to AMD and MSI they both told me to use a displayport 1.2 If I understood correctly it would enable me to conect 2 or 3 monitors to each mini displayport in 3D.... Does anyone know of the maker of such a beast I have found displayports 1.1 but they are not capable of 3D Also looking for a set of monitors that have thin bezels like but with passive style 3D.
Thanks In Advance
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  1. To make that huge eyefinity work, you would need a dedicated monitor that directly have a displayport connector.
    Your best bet is on the site of AMD itself.

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