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Random Freezes and Weird restart/shutdown

November 26, 2012 9:35:54 PM

Ok so I bought my computer originally around 4-5 years ago I believe and over the years I've slowly upgraded everything in it with the exception of the hard drive. A few years ago, it began to have a random lock ups only while playing WoW. This was before I had upgraded everything, but after all the upgrades, it still has the same random lock ups. This also happened with Diablo 3 when I played it as well, but it has never happened with any other games except the 2 made by blizzard.

The strange thing is that this was only happening for the longest time if I tried to play after bringing it out of sleep mode. Once I figured this out, I started trying to shut it down each time but after my last round of upgrades, every time I tried to click shutdown it would do a restart and I would have to shut it down from the login screen.

A couple of weeks ago, it finally started shutting down on the initial shutdown, but now the keyboard doesn't work until after it reaches the login screen. It will light up, but none of the keys work, even caps/numlock. This only happens if it is shutdown. It works fine on restart. The weird part is that even with the freezes the computer works just fine after a hard restart but it takes a few minutes to get going.

Like I said, I have literally replaced EVERYTHING except for the hard drive. Could it be my hard drive is just crapping out? I'm not even sure if all of these things are even related. I should also add that for the first time EVER today it did lock up after a fresh start from shutdown which is kind of what finally prompted me to look into it. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer