Is there any other explanation for this than my video card going bad?

Since rebooting my computer, the display has been messed up. When windows is up there are rows of blue lines running down the screen. And when I look at display properties, Windows (XP Pro) doesn't have any information on the card, not what card it is, not what the chip type is or memory size or anything.

But what makes me think this isn't just a driver issue is, the problems start from the moment I turn on the computer. The blue lines are there, but even scarier, the system text is a mess; some letters have been replaced with nonsense characters.

Is there something I can do short of replacing the video card?
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  1. have you tried to reinstall windows?

    letters shouldn't be changed even if its a graphics card problem.
  2. I'm thinking that if your BIOS isn't corrupted, you might have faults with your memory, motherboard, or PSU, but it is possible that this is the graphics card. However, like esrever said, I don't think that it is.
  3. Perhaps monitor issues maybe? Might even be motherboard.
  4. try to reset monitor to factory settings i would also test it on another system maybe you gone have to buy one soon
  5. could be dust or a fan failure on the gpu and it over heated. screwed up video like that most times is the gpu..if not it a power issue to the gpu. i would open the case and check to see that all your fans are moving and not dust bound. also check that the gpu is seated. over time a gpu with heating and cooling can walk.
  6. I'm beginning to wonder if it's the motherboard, since for a while the computer froze every time I started it (although it went on this morning). Overheating has been a problem before; in the summer this PC struggles.

    Could it really be the monitor? The funny characters happen when the computer boots up but letters show normally in windows, so I'd be surprised if it was the monitor, but I'll test that out.
  7. I don't think that it's the monitor, but that should be easy to test if you have any other computers that work with the monitor, so it's worth checking.
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