Gtx 660 causing black screen on start up

Recently, I bought a Gigabyte gtx 660 OC to replace a 260 I had previously (sorry forgot brand). When I installed everything, it booted up, but between the windows 7 4 leaves come together and the desktop appearing there is a black screen that lasts around a minute. This didn't happen before with my 260. Before, I would turn on the pc, the 4 leaves would form and the desktop would appear. Is the GTX 660 faulty? I haven't installed anything else before and after the switch.

My pc specs are:
Intel dual core E8400
Gigabyte gtx 660 OC
motherboard P5E VM Do
850 watt seasonic PSU (I know, overkill lol, it was from my previous build)

Please help. Thanks
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  1. Might be your 660, I would assume it is. Take out your GPU, and use your cpu graphics for display. If it runs up nicely, might be the GPU.
  2. Sounds like power, to me. Your PSU is powerful enough, fer sure, but if it's failing, it could cause that...
  3. Just an update about the problem, the 4 dots would connect, the welcome screen would come up and then black screen with mouse cursor for a minute before my desktop shows up.

    JJ1217, so I started up the pc with cpu for display, and it does the same thing! The reason I bought the 660 was because my previous card, the 4850, when starting up would cause these blue squares to appear everywhere and exclamation marks everywhere in the bios.

    DarkSable, maybe you are right, but how can I check if the psu is starting to fail?
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