Is my graphic card dead?

Over the last few days, my monitor has been randomly shutting off and then the only way to get it back on is to restart my system. about an hour ago, I heard a fan kick on really loud and my monitor shut off, since then it will not come back on. It says "display not detected" and upon startup my computer is making a beeping noise. My monitor does work, I have it hooked up to my fiance's computer right now. Is there any way to test the video card before I have to pay $200 for a new one =/ I have the GTS450 and usually hook it up with a HDMI cord. There is an adaptor that goes from the HDMI cord to the back of the video card. Is there any chance at all that it could be the adaptor? It also has 2 DVI connectors so maybe I could try to hook it to the monitor with a DVI cord? Any help ASAP is appreciated. I know a little about this stuff, but not enough and I wanna make sure I don't spend money unless I absolutely need to. I'm trying to save up for a nice video card and if I HAVE to replace it right NOW I will only be able to get a mediocre one :??:
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  1. This last time it was while gaming. It has done it while browsing the internet as well but mostly while gaming.
  2. if you have another pc with the same video slots at the bad card.connecting it to another system if the card is bad will give you no video or the same cmos beep codes. also if your system has onboard video chipset you can pull the card..if the video works with the onboard chipset then it a card issue. some video cards have 2-3 year or longer warranty on them before you buy a new card go to the video card vendor web page and see if you can rma the card under warranty. if not there a lot of newer cards from nvidia if you have pci-x slots that are faster and less money then your 200.00 price point. there the 550ti and 560 ti.
    there the newer gt650 and the gti 650 that dropping in a few days from nvidia.
  3. Yea, the only other system I have available is a laptop and I don't have any other video cards to test. I don't think my system has any onboard's either since the same thing happens when the video card is out. I remember this happening before and I replaced the video card and it fixed it, so I'm assuming that's what it is gonna take again. I'm looking at the 550ti and the 7770. Leaning toward the 550ti since I've never used an ATI. I don't need a high end card, just one good enough to play WoW without stuttering at 50-60. With the 450 I could get 40fps on Ultra, but I suspected I didn't have much longer with it because my fps was jumping all over the place.
  4. I wish it were that simple, but I regularly blow it out and I monitor my temps and have like 6-7 fans in my case so it's not overheating.

    It still hasn't come on. My computer starts but my monitor isn't being detected. The only reason I know my computer is booting up is because I can see that I'm online on Skype through my fiance's laptop. So I guess I will be buying a card. I'm thinking this one?

    I've been researching benchmarks and such. Does anyone know of a link that will compare them for WoW. I'm looking at the 7750, 7770 and GTX 550 ti. From what I've seen so far the cards differ in comparison depending on the game, so I'd like to see numbers for them on WoW since it's the only game I play and I haven't seen one yet. I don't plan to overclock, seeing how I don't even know how and I'd hate to mess up.
  5. My fiance brought home the 550ti for me today, and it fixed my problem but for the price he paid for it (129.99), I'm not impressed. It barely does better than my old GTS 450. On benchmarks it did better than the 7850 for WoW. Opinions on this? I'm currently trying to decide whether to return it to Best Buy tomorrow and then get the 7850 from newegg.

    On my GTS 450, I could get 40fps in Ultra while questing but with the 550ti I'm getting 25-30fps. Granted when I run dungeons I do get 70-80fps, so it is better than the 450 in that regards. But I'm just not sure it's worth it. The 7850 I found is going for 89.99 so that's deft making it look nicer to me right now? So I am undecided whether to try an overclock or just return and get 7850 ahhhh.
  6. your always better off buying a more powerful card for the money.
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