Gtx 660 non ti with g31m-s2l motherboard

hi guys i really need your help i'm upgrading my video card i'm thinking of gtx 660 the non-ti version is it compatible with my g31m-s2l or should i go for gtx 560 ti

hardware hardware specification
cpu-q6600 oc to 3.3
psu-corrsair 850w
corrsair cooler h80
case Thelmartake full tower

also i will upgrade my cpu and motherboard next year
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  1. 660
  2. yes 660
  3. guys any help?????????????
  4. can someone help
  5. mohamedmasre said:
    can someone help

    2 of us said the 660 did you scan past those messages? Get the gtx 660
  6. thanks anyway man for your help but your answer was 660 and i said yes 660 look at my name i just want to be sure i this card will work on my system. as i said thanks man
  7. mohamedmasre said:
    guys any help?????????????

    mohamedmasre said:
    can someone help


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