Weirdest Thing I've Ever Seen Monitors Do

I have 3 Acer 201HL monitors in an Eyefinity setup. If the monitors are plugged in via the DVI port the picture is fine. However, if the monitors use a DVI to Mini Displayport adapter, the picture goes crazy. Green static fills all dark areas and purple/pink in all light areas. I know it's not the adapter as I've gone through half a dozen already. I've RMAed my graphics card, didn't change a thing. Pictures are included.

Light Areas

Dark Areas

If the adapter is switched the other one acts same. So, I always have one out of 3 giving me crazy green/purple static.

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  1. Looks like a DVI connection problem. I've seen it before. Try swapping the cord with the other moniter and see if the error occurs there.
  2. The same error occurs on all 3 monitors no matter what DVI cable I try with the adapter. I've tried about 4-6 different ones. I've been struggling with this for 4 months now and went here because I'm just completely out of ideas to try.
  3. All tried on the one moniter?
  4. Yep, and every single one has been tried with all combinations and show the same effect. I've either RMAed every piece in the computer or flat out bought replacements.
  5. Is the adapter active? or passive? because for eyefinity you need active. what happens if you use 2 adapters on 2 separate monitors so 2 are using DP to DVI are the distorted? and are you using the latest drivers? and what card are you using??
  6. The Drivers have been tried as an old copy when the fimrware in the adapters was made, and the most current. *I even tried a few in between.* I did a proper driver sweeper cleaning before installations of each as well. The adapters are active. I made plenty sure of that before buying them. Also yes, if I plug 2 monitors in via DVI and one in through the DVI/Mini Displayport adapter that monitor becomes the one with the green static. If the adapter is moved to another monitor it will show the same issue and the one that was, now plugged in via DVI asks normal.

    *Edit* Also yes, 2 plugged in via the adapters show the same static.
  7. Are the adapters you are using appear on this list:
  8. Yes, they are the Mini Displayport to Single-Link DVI Accell adapters.
  9. I would like to add that adapters were working perfectly fine and then, out of the blue, started behaving in this manner. I've basically replaced every piece of hardware that runs between and including my monitor to my motherboard.
  10. I'm giving this one more mighty bump before I give up in despair.
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