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hiya guys looking for a graphics card to replace a GT 620

it was used for blu ray playback which it seems the gt620 cant do smoothly

the psu is a 300w dell L300PM-00

what would you suggest

i dont really want to change the psu

id like he new card to be able to play back blu ray smoothly and bitstream the hd audio
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  1. Go for GT640 or 7750
  2. i take it both of then would be ok with my psu
  3. No buy why will you take both
  4. no i meant either of them would be good enough ??
  5. yes as the both get thier power from Pcie slot so if your system is able to run gt 620 will sure be able to run these cards but 7750 would be great upgrade. Can you provide your whole system specs for better clarity & go to asus website to check exact wattage your system is drawing
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